Zoltan Szabo, B.S. in Exercise Science 

I am originally from Budapest, Hungary, and I am an Internationally Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.  Having been in the field for more than 20 years, I am a Reebok Master Trainer for Core Board and Martial Arts.  As a gymnast, I  was Hungary's #1 Champion and came in 3rd in all of Europe.  

My love for sports and fitness began as a child and became my lifestyle.  It didn't matter which sport, I always wanted to participate and learn how to play.  At any point in time, I have always turned to sports and fitness, whether to have fun with my friends and family, or during stressful life occurrences.  I learned to manage my stress through sports and exercise. During my time as a personal trainer,  I have  traveled around the world working with people from many different countries with very diverse fitness goals for which I truly enjoyed creating unique fitness programs tailored to each of these individuals. 

We already know how important it is to move and to take care of your body.  Often times I see that people lose interest or get bored with their exercise routines. My mission is to help people find fitness and movement fun and interesting, to be able to use it not only as a lifestyle, but also as their own medicinal outlet.  When exercise is tailored to each person based on their own interests, they don't feel like it's an "obligation" or something they "have" to do or "should" do.  It becomes an activity that is fun, and feels good at the same time. 

 I take very seriously my work as a personal trainer.  I am committed to listening to my clients goals as well as keeping them interested and stimulated.  At that point, they make the fitness their lifestyle.

Katy Brier Szabo, B.S., M.S., L.Ac., Dipl NCCAOM

I was born in Boston and I am the youngest of 4 children. My mother was a well respected social worker, and my father was a computer engineer.  I started working at a very young age taking care of children, and have worked ever since doing lots of different jobs, but all having to do with taking care of people.

At 19 years old I had a terrible experience that changed my life forever. As a result I suffered a deep depression.  The repercussions of the incident brought out and magnified my feelings of being really alone in this world. For a long time I blamed myself and, because I never found the kind of support I needed, I felt a deep sense of unimportance - like nobody wanted to listen to me or help me.

After years of struggle, I realized I needed to learn a way to connect with my deeper self in order to heal. I studied Shiatsu Japanese Bodywork for a year, and started learning about energy and how it manifests and moves in the body. I started eating really clean, exercising, meditating, and going to sleep early.

I take very seriously my commitment to live in alignment with my truth and my work - and I know how difficult it can be to heal from difficult situations. But I’m grateful for my struggle because it has shown me that the body and mind are one and that I can heal myself if I stay focused and committed.

Today, I live with joy and purpose. I love my work, I love when my patients come out of my treatment room with a peaceful smile on their faces and say, “I feel SO much better than when I came in.”

I am always looking to help my patients feel better, but my deeper mission is to help them be able to hear their inner voice again and find that quiet place inside themselves where they can listen to their bodies and trust the messages they hear. This is the most powerful medicine and I am blessed to share it.
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