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"I came in with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue marked by exhaustion, "foggy" thinking, and the sense that all of my body systems were under attack from within. My acupuncture treatments, the treatment space, and above all else, Katy's professionalism and compassion were all amazing...and soothing...and productive. I came in for several months, once a week. My health has improved considerably. I do better at my job, and managing my life altogether. I now have a different view of the interdependence of organic systems, so to speak. Acupuncture reaffirmed my belief that many western physicians just get it wrong when it comes to interpreting overall health and faulty systems." -Julie K.

"With a friend's encouragement and recommendation, two years ago I signed up with Zoltan Szabo in my hometown of Hull.  Zoltan listened to my needs and heard some of my fears about doing certain activities.  As an older woman, Zoltan's accomodating my needs has meant so much to me.  The program he has worked out for me is great.  My balance and strength are greatly improved.  Zoltan is a kind, caring, quiet and wise man. We have interesting chats as we go through my specialized routine twice a week.  The decision to take on this activity with Zoltan has been life-changing."  -Jean M.

" I use acupuncture for stress and anxiety as well as my heavy periods and cramps. With Katy as my current acupuncturist, I love my treatments. I love how I connect with her and she knows exactly what I need when I lay on the table. I love how I feel after a treatment. I feel so much relief and like I am walking on clouds. I also sleep better and am less overwhelmed. My periods and cramps have been much better also." _ Jody B. 

"I never liked working out until I joined Szabo Fitness when it opened eleven years ago. Today, I look forward to my small group training, whether we're doing circuit work, kick boxing or Latin dance aerobics. It's not just the music or the varied workouts that have turned me into a regular exerciser, though they are great. It is the safe, friendly and skilled environment that Zoltan creates in his classes and one on one personal training sessions that keep me coming back and wanting to get stronger and more fit. Zoltan never pushes me to do more than I can handle, and I never leave there feeling I did less." 
- Margie P.

"My primary area of focus when I started going to acupuncture was a fibroid tumor and resulting menstrual irregularities. As I soon discovered, being peri-menopausal was also contributing to the menstrual issues, as well as causing other problems, such as fatigue, hot flashes, etc. My acupuncture treatments are always very soothing and beneficial. Katy and I are true partners when it comes to discussing not only my acupuncture treatments but lifestyle choices, which contribute to my overall well-being or lack thereof. I always feel as if I can speak to her honestly about how I am feeling, what is working/not working, and discuss strategies to help me achieve optimum health. Katy is a wealth of knowledge and I enjoy bouncing ideas off of her and trying/learning new things. I started going once a week for treatments and then as I felt better, I slowly eased back to every other week. I keep coming back for treatments because they are very beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit. I feel more at peace, healthier, and more in touch with myself than ever before. Acupuncture has helped me gain a truer understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. My health and well-being are of paramount importance, and this has become even more important as I age. Being able to have a greater understanding about what is going on with me at any given time, through acupuncture and working with Katy, is priceless. Acupuncture is a gentle, healing, and powerful modality. I highly recommend it to those looking for more peace and wellness in their lives." -Gayle W.

"I initially started acupuncture for anxiety/stress relief. I've always enjoyed acupuncture. I find it extremely relaxing and helpful. I find teach treatment a bit different each time. Some times I feel electrical impulses zip zapping from one point to another. Sometimes I feel nothing. It depends on the day and the issue. I was going once a week for a while, then every other week and now it's monthly. I keep coming back because I find that it really helps my condition as well as my overall well-being.
Acupuncture has helped me relax and remember to calm down. I love Katy and feel that each treatment is very therapeutic. It's not only the acupuncture, but the overall concern she has for her clients. She is a very calming presence and I feel like my sessions are part talk therapy and part acupuncture. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind" -Bianca M.  

"As I celebrate my 10th year of membership at Szabo Fitness and Acupuncture, I am happy to have this opportunity to say THANK YOU! to Katy and Zoltan Szabo for their expertise and care in designing an individual program for me that has resulted in my being healthier and stronger than I have been in many years. My regular personal training and weekly acupuncture sessions have helped me to achieve and maintain a weight loss of over 60 pounds.  After my struggling with a chronic auto immune disease for over 25 years, Zoltan and Katy created a fitness program for me that allowed me to work at a pace that has achieved optimal health.  With my accomplishments at Szabo Fitness and Acupuncture, my self-confidence has increased and my everyday stress levels have diminished. My doctors couldn't be happier, and they now encourage me "to keep doing what you are doing" to maintain my health and fitness.
  As I approach my 65th birthday I feel abundantly blessed to have found Szabo Fitness and Acupuncture, and I look forward to continuing on the road to strength and wellness with Katy and Zoltan.  I strongly recommend their services to anyone who, like me, wants to improve their personal health and fitness."   -Susan S.

"Over the past year, my son James has undergone a physical and mental transformation  as a direct result of his time spent at Szabo Fitness & Acupuncture working one on one with Zoli.  Last winter, my husband and I were walking by Szabo Fitness & Acupuncture and noticed Zoli conducting a group exercise class.  We decided to enroll our son as his weight had become harder to manage for him and us as he suffers from a unique blend of medical disorders that had left us (and parents in similar situations) despaired that weight loss and muscle building were unattainable goals.
   This was not our son's first experience with a personal trainer and we were skeptical of the potential outcomes, yet desperate to find a way to help him achieve the best health possible.  With caution, James began his training and quickly realized success under Zoli's often insightful and understanding guidance.  In fact, Zoli went as far as to independently research our son's handicap in order to best design a program to meet his physical and emotional limitations.  James was hooked and continues to achieve amazing results.  One year later, James has lost    30 lbs while gaining muscle, strength, and a true confidence about his physical appearance.
   Throughout the process, I was never in doubt of my son's safety while working out with Zoli, and I quickly developed a faith in Zoli's methods both from a workout planning perspective, as well as his ability to control and manage Jame's mood swings and need for control.
   It is with pleasure that I highly recommend The Szabo Fitness Way!"  - Sandra S.      

"When I first came to Szabo fitness it was to lose some weight. I was one of those typical people who would go to a gym to loose some weight  and feel better about myself, then when I reach my goal, then would never return. After a few months  I would  then find myself back where I started..sound familiar?
From the start at Szabo fitness, I was given attention by the friendly staff and was encouraged to try  a dynamic weight loss program, which was coupled with acupuncture. The 12 week program was so easy and I saw results immediately. The acupuncture curbed my cravings and the personal training and  aerobics classes boosted my overall well being. I even opted to do another 12 weeks as I felt healthier and thinner.
It has been two years since that day and I am still at Szabo fitness on a regular basis. Zoltan’s classes are unique, challenging, inspiring and ever changing, leaving me never bored with a dull routine.  His talent as a gymnast, dancer, and trainer are evidenced in every class as he  teaches making the classes fun yet challenging. (and yes he teaches the classes) The holistic nature of the business and acupuncture is  also testament that the business is concerned with your overall well being and encourages you to succeed and not give up. I can also attest that the gym atmosphere feels like family, as you are introduced in class and the regular patrons are welcoming and friendly. And last but not least, the price point of the gym is fantastic with no membership fees or contracts, or money taken out of checking accounts etc. Katy and Zoltan are in the business OF fitness.... And do not put business BEFORE fitness. 
I recommend Szabo fitness to anyone who wants to see results but not feel tedium with the routine, to someone who wants to experience the holistic benefits of acupuncture along with the exercise to encourage and feel overall well being, and also to someone who wants a sense of belonging and will meet friends that you see everyday that are encouraging and supportive. This is not a typical gym...Szabo fitness is a way of life..." -Franny A

"I have been a client at Szabo Fitness for over 4 years now.  I started with a little personal training and of course, the classes.  The group classes here are what I have been looking for for a long time.  They are varied, i.e., Latin Aerobics, Aerobics, Abs & Glutes, Muscle Conditioning, "Tone", Pilates and Zumba.  I settled into a routine of four classes a week and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Our instructor, Zoltan, is one of the most talented teachers / trainers I have ever been lucky enough to witness and learn from.  Whether it's dancing steps or exercise moves, he makes it fun, and when it's fun to exercise, then exercise becomes a vital part of one's life.   
The karma in those classes is felt by all of us and we have a special bond with each other - all of which further enhances our commitment.    Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, but with Katy's special diet and acupuncture I started to drop weight....and taking Zoltan's classes four times a week has kept the weight off.  I am twenty pounds lighter!
I have had Acupuncture, for an injured foot, for relaxation, and most recently, facial rejuvenation - all of which produced very positive results.
I honestly feel that my busy, stressful life would have been extremely difficult to cope with if I were not a part of Szabo Fitness.  The exercise, comradery and acupuncture keep me in a state of mind and body that enables me to deal better in all aspects of my life."  - Barbara K.

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